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A. ridiculous amount of input lag

B. please add a means of skipping the text

C. it may be a good idea to make only the immediate area part of the active scene (by approximately adding and removing objects based on player distance you reduce the workload of the renderer, which should improve frame-rate tremendously.)

The style is interesting and so were the quests but I didn't manage to finish it :(


Unfortunately, the game was unplayable because the fps was really low (looked like 5-10 FPS), even on the lowest settings and resolution on my 2 year old top-end mac. It's not very obvious you have to click on the text at the beginning and the selection indicator is a bit subtle, in my opinion. Also, some of the text descriptions were overlapping and were unreadable.

Looks interesting though. I was able to walk around the island for a moment before I got frustrated with the FPS.

I get an error message: "There should be 'MechanicalAgeWindows_Data'
folder next to the executable"

Whoops! Haven't done Unity builds in a while. Thanks for the heads up--should be fixed now!

You're welcome :)